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Callie is a graduate of the South West Institute of Healing Arts Mind Body Wellness Practitioner program where she focused on transformational life coaching, transpersonal hypnotherapy and holistic nutrition.  She is a Certified Wild Woman Project Circle facilitator, Certified Project Manager and has a Bachelors degree in Public Health Education from Portland State University.

Her educational adventures have not only strengthened her practical and intuitive skills, but also instilled in her a deeper level of empathy and compassion for the struggles faced by humanity, no matter where a person is on their unique journey of life.

Callie is a dedicated student of life, and woven into the tapestry of her qualifications is 42 years of sacred life experience.  Blessed to have learned many lessons about loss, grief, transition, change, relationships and abundance. All of this, combined with her love of nature, magick, spirituality and the mysteries of the Divine Feminine is the alchemy that is the sacred container of CallieCo Coaching. The platform from which she shares her gifts with you.

She serves her clients through connection to mind, body, heart, spirit and soul, balanced with practical and tangible strategies. Helping you manifest a meaningful life on your terms. Utilizing techniques to break through fears, blocks and barriers, so you can gain confidence, change habits, clarify direction, develop action plans, find motivation, and deeply enjoy the journey of life. 

"I gain so much pleasure and fulfillment working with other Awakening Women. Helping them learn how to gain self-awareness, self-motivation, courage, faith, trust, forgiveness, honesty, self-confidence, planning, money and business skills, so they can uplevel their lives and the work they do in the world." - Callie Roush